In 2015, the UN formulated seventeen global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), among them ending poverty, eliminating hunger, protecting the planet and ensuring peace and prosperity. Although judicious management of soils is critical to advancing most of these goals, the word soil is not once mentioned in any of these laudable goals. SDG#15, for example, mentions land degradation but does not specifically focus on soils. In line with previous UN programs, SDGs thus reflect an utter lack of awareness of the importance of the most basic of all natural resources on which depends all terrestrial life – soils.

soil pollution This document presents key messages and the state-of-the-art of soil pollution, its implications on food safety and human health. The publication has been reviewed by the Intergovernmental Technical Panel on Soil (ITPS) and contributing authors. It addresses scientific evidences on soil pollution and highlights the need to assess the extent of soil pollution globally in order to achieve food safety and sustainable development.

atlas desert JRC published the World Atlas of Desertification, offering a tool for decision makers to improve local responses to soil loss and land degradation. The Atlas provides the first comprehensive, evidence-based assessment of land degradation at a global level and highlights the urgency to adopt corrective measures.

ejss Eurasian Journal of Soil Science is the official English language journal of the Federation of Eurasian Soil Science Societies. Eurasian Journal of Soil Science is a peer-reviewed open access journal that publishes research articles, critical reviews of basic and applied soil science in all related to soil and plant studies and general environmental soil science. Scope of the journal includes: Soil physics & mechanics, soil chemistry, soil biology & biochemistry, soil erosion & conservation, soil fertility, soil genesis, classification & mapping, soil health & quality, soil hydrology, soil management & reclamation, soil mineralogy & micromorphology, soil pollution & remediation, soil borne pathogens, geostatistics, plant nutrition & fertilization, remote sensing & GIS, mathematical modelling in soil science.

Soils Turkey

Editors: Kapur, Selim, Akça, Erhan, Günal, Hikmet (Eds.)

Offers a unique compendium that gathers all available and relevant information on the soils of Turkey

Includes soil survey studies conducted in Turkey by universities and governmental institutes from the early 1950s until today

Explains soil science, micromorphology, pedoarcheology, and soil ecology

Describes earth sciences, geology, geoarcheology, and weathering

Covers topics such as geography, quaternary sciences, and hydrology

Enriches readers’ understanding of biology and plant nutrition as well as agriculture and forestry

The SWSR is a reference document on the status of global soil resources that provides regional assessments of soil change.

food security cover

Земельные ресурсы и
продовольственная безопасность
Центральной Азии и Закавказья
Отв. редакторы П.В. Красильников, М.В. Конюшкова, Р. Варгас

Land resources and food security
of Central Asia and Southern Caucasus
Editors Pavel Krasilnikov, Maria Konyushkova and Ronald Vargas

Рим, 2016
Rome, 2016

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